1825 Gallery Hotel Structure

Etched with the undisputable touch of Malacca’s history, the architecture of the 1825 Gallery Hotel chronicles one of the world’s greatest heritages. Depicting the era of the British colony, the design of the building fuses the architectural designs of the Chinese and the British, protecting and reliving the antiquity of the 1890’s. Unprejudiced by the caress of modernisation, the 1825 Gallery Hotel guarantees the sense of nostalgia, recalling the days of yore when the fate of Malacca changed forever.

Significantly acclaimed for its unique structure, every part of the building has its very own story to tell. Be enthralled by the rare yet unique sky-well at the foyer, which inherits the influence of the Chinese architecture. As an aperture to capture the serenest view of the bluest sky, it surely complements the atmosphere of the entire Hotel. This is especially true when raindrops pass through it to bring about a totally different ambience, contributing to the experience and relaxation of the hotel guests.

The gleaming wooden floor and ceiling of the Hotel are the actual timbers of the historical building, well-preserved through the passage of time since the 1890’s. Bestowing an artistic feel to the Hotel, they are polished to their luster in the refurbishment of the Hotel, embellished with oriental rugs and artifacts. The same goes for the windows of the Hotel, which are the remains of the building. They are the very souls of the architecture, which outshine the unique design of the building.

Let the artifacts and furniture of the Hotel unwind time to breathe the atmosphere of the 1890’s, when Malacca was under the British colony. Every part of the Hotel houses distinctive ancient-themed pieces, sourced from various parts of the world, for the appreciation of the hotel guests. Amongst the numerous pieces, you will also discover some unique ones made using the remains of ancient vessels, which had once ventured the Straits of Malacca – they are the treasures among treasures.

The walls, on the other hand, protect the authenticity of the building. Admired for its unique motives based on Chinese-influenced architecture, its walls are distinct from those of modern buildings in terms of structural strength, masonry work and others, thus denoting the significance of ancient wisdoms.

Embracing the Garden Area of the Hotel, walls made of volcanic bricks are erected as extensions of the interior walls. Praised for its excellent quality and environmental properties, these volcanic walls are masterpieces by themselves to accompany the beautiful view of the river. The overall look and feel of the area is certainly elevated by the aesthetic value of these walls, complementing the elegance of the beautiful pergola.